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25 Mar 2020 - 30 Jun 2020
BioWin Cooperation Platform COVID-19 l open until June, 30

BioWin Cooperation Platform COVID-19
open until June, 30

This platform is meant to gather health initiatives around specific and important themes

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, BioWin, The Health Cluster of Wallonia, has been widely called upon by its members who wish to contribute to stop the crisis.

To this end, BioWin has set up an interactive platform which focuses on regional/national initiatives.
This platform is open until June, 30. The deadline can be postponed if necessary.

Main goals:

  1. Gather and structure the initiatives around 6 urgent themes,
  2. Foster interaction between industrial, academic players and other contributors,
  3. Consolidate critical masses around these themes in order to catalyse and strengthen project development.

Topics addressed:

  1. The development and manufacturing of new diagnostic approaches
  2. The development of new treatments
  3. The development and repair of ventilators
  4. The new sources of funding
  5. The development and manufacturing of hydroalcoholic gels
  6. The manufacturing, supply and recycling of masks and individual protections for companies 
  7. Others

We invite you from now on to take an active part on this platform, to choose the theme(s) for which you have a solution or a proposal to share and find a partner with whom to discuss and move towards the realisation.

The entire BioWin team is of course at your service to support you in the search and identification of potential partner(s) and to select the most realistic and impactful initiatives in the current circumstances.

Please take 2 minutes to read the "How it works" section and complete your profile thoroughly. Otherwise the platform will not be successfull.

Contact us 

Technical issues: Amélie Moyaerts


  1. The manufacturing, supply and recycling of masks and individual protections for companies: Damien Diop and Joëlle Gahimbare
  2. The development and repair of ventilators: Thierry Ferain and Sylvie Ponchaut
  3. The development and manufacturing of hydroalcoholic gels: Marianne Ghyoot and Marc Dechamps
  4. The development and manufacturing of new diagnostic approaches: Thierry Ferain and Marianne Ghyoot
  5. The development of new treatments: Marc Dechamps and Sylvie Ponchaut
  6. The new sources of funding: Olivier Poswick

Thank you all for your collaboration and commitment.

Sylvie Ponchaut

Managing Director BioWin


This initiative is encouraged by the Walloon Government






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Switzerland 1
Tunisia 2
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Distributor/Importer 6
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